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Incognito Adblocker is a superior adblock so you can get rid of the annoying ads. Anywhere. Not just all ads, but also harmful malware.

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100% Free

No surprises. It's absolutely FREE, no subscriptions nor any paid features, and it will always be like this!

Open Source

All the code is open source and welcome to be improved. From the users to the users.

Always Updated

Updated with the latest filter lists, yet ready to import any other custom filter list.

Easy to Customize

It comes with optimized default settings, but it can be easily customized from the dashboard.

Speed Up your browser with Incognito Adblocker

With Incognito Adblocker ads aren’t even downloaded at all, saving you precious time and bandwidth.

In short, blocking ads will speed up your website load speed, decrease your CPU requests and improve the RAM memory usage.

Install Incognito Adblocker!

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How it works

Incognito Adblocker automatically blocks ads from all the sites. From the popup you can choose to whitelist or keep blocking ads in the current site.

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It works while surfing in incognito. Keep your privacy without the annoyance of ads!


Check all the connections, requests and the DOM tree in real time for any tab opened.


Take full control of your browser.
Coming soon...

Extra Tools

This tools are available from the popup to customize the ad blocking experience individually for each site

Element Eraser

Enter element zapper mode and erase any element from the current site. Magic!

Element Picker

Enter element picker mode and create a custom rule for the selected element!

Disable Cosmetic Filters

Toggle to allow or block the cosmetic rules in the current site.

Block Popups

Toggle to allow or block ALL the opening of popups in the current site.

Block Large Media

Toggle to block or allow largemedia elements on thsi site. Max size defined in the dashboard.

Block Remote Fonts

Toggle to allow or block ALL the external fonts that the current site is downloading.

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Take a look at the tooltips to understand where the main buttons are placed and what they actually do.

Powerful Dashboard

Ready for more? From the dashboard you can customize every single parameter of Incognito Adblocker!


What Users Say

Take a look at some of the comments that users already posted as a review

All the ad blocking features packed in a lovely UI.
IMHO, an epic masterpiece for Firefox.


Esta muy bueno. Lo uso desde hace 3 dias solo pero no me ha defraudado


This ad blocker is a hidden gem among so many to choose from


Excellent addon, love it so far


Install Incognito Adblocker

Incognito Adblocker is now available for Chrome and Firefox!

Frequentily Asked Questions

Have a question? You can find the answers for the most common questions asked by our users.

Incognito Adblocker is a superior ad and malware blocker that can be downloaded as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. Not only blocks ALL the ads in ALL websites but it also blocks trackers used by advertisers to keep track of user behavior. Because the ads are not even downloaded at all, it also speeds up your browser.
Millions of people worldwide have downloaded ad blockers to help speed up their computer and block ads and trackers.
Nothing! Incognito Adblocker will always be offered as a FREE product.
Sure! As its name suggest, it also works on Incognito mode. For chrome you need to manually allow it in Incognito mode from the settings page.

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